Wrong Shoes vs. Right Shoes

Always remember: The right shoes elevate any outfit; the wrong ones can ruin even the best suit

Imagine every special moment: stepping onto the stage, at that wedding, photo shoot, concert, or special date. Your style matters, (of course, it matters), and you don’t owe anyone an explanation for it.


You want to convey a message: R&R!!


And the message doesn’t come across if it looks like you’re going to buy bread on a hungover Sunday.


You’ve probably experienced it with some bands; it’s the most paradigmatic case. Ordinary clothes don’t work on stage. Generic pants and shirts, sneakers… guys, guys, guys… are you walking the dog or playing rock and roll?

They may accuse us of being frivolous, superficial… but the class and style of Nick Cave, David Bowie, Elvis, Nick Curran, Brian Setzer… and hundreds more captivate us immediately and turn our attention to the message. There must be a reason for that.

OK. Now you’re facing your favorite collection: the leather jacket, exclusive jeans, the perfect denim shirt, carefully chosen accessories… Choose the common option?


If you value exclusivity and custom-made craftsmanship, you’ll choose exceptional footwear, designed just for you, authentic and unique.

because you know that

The right shoes elevate any outfit; the wrong ones can ruin even the best suit


And that’s where we come in: we can make those perfect shoes and advise you on everything you need to ensure nothing goes wrong.

Burdeos crust creepers custom custom creepers shoes made to measure

Custom Model Pointed 1974 in Italian leather: boxcalf cherry combined with ivory crust

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