The Pleasure


 The Pleasure of Creating Something Beautiful and Useful for Your Clients♠

Although we love our work in traditional shoemaking, challenges and issues are common in professional life.


However, the satisfaction of delivering incredible shoes to our clients makes the challenges more manageable, allowing us to say it was worth it.


We aim for the customer, upon opening the box, to discover shoes made just as they envisioned and even more beautiful than expected.


And the Pleasure the Customer Feels When Receiving the Result of Work in Which They Have Participated as a Designer ♦

Based on a real email from a real customer genuinely pleased with their custom shoe order.


Imagine how it went: the customer carefully selects leathers, colors, and details > we proceed to craft their custom shoes.


They arrive at their home at last > they run their fingers over the smooth surface and appreciate the luster, stunning hues, and shades of the leather.


They enjoy the delightful scent of new shoes, a special blend of craftsmanship and tradition. Then, they put them on and… PERFECT! Like a glove.

creepers custom made to measure creepers

Our dear customer Pablo M. on his wedding day. Photo by @begography

A custom 1974 Pointed model, Italian leather, genuine python, with the classic traditional crepe sole.


Rediscover the challenging essence of the shoes of their youth in this high-quality and mature version, perfect for successful people (remembering that the concept of ‘success’ is personal and unique to each).


In short, it’s a treat for their feet, a self-reward for persevering and keeping their passion for life alive, regardless of their age. Are you 30, 40, 50, 60, or more? It doesn’t matter. The spirit of rock and roll is eternal. It’s a well-deserved tribute to themselves.”


A custom 1974 Pointed model, genuine leather sole, made in hand-dyed vintage patina Italian Crust leather, with a custom box for the customer.

⊕What others think no longer matters⊕.

Truth is, he never cared much. Still, he knows that paired with quality jeans and his favorite leather jacket, he’ll attract admiring glances.


It has that distinctive, understated, and rebellious touch that aligns with his life philosophy and seamlessly fits with this stage of life.


Knowing the customer enjoys their shoes like this fills us with joy. We don’t assume it: they tell us with certainty.

A custom 1974 Round model in black and white Spanish boxcalf leather, a luxury version for a classic ‘2 tone.’ Handcrafted and tailored for Franck (FR).

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