The Customer and the Shoes Nobody Would Buy

I make excellent custom shoes for rock and rollers looking for something more… because before getting here, I made horrible shoes that no one in their right mind would buy.

I’m addressing people who value the exceptional, the personalized, the durable, and the authentically handmade.

To reach these people, I overcame obstacles and mistakes on my journey, learning and training (a lot and for a long time) in handmade shoemaking.

At the beginning of my career, I made horrible shoes with obvious design flaws, but I persevered and perfected my work with dedication to achieve the current improved and custom version of those iconic youth shoes.

Like these Custom 1974Round with a buckle, handcrafted and customized in prestigious Weinheimer Leather for Sasha Steing from Switzerland.

creepers buckle creepers creepers de hebilla customizados

This is Sahat Tsering, a truly important person for our workshop, a client turned friend who believed in us from the beginning. This time, he ordered Custom 1974R Creepers in Weinheimer Leather with a buckle to wear with his new classic Edwardian ‘Ted’ suit. Eternal friendship and admiration for Sasha for his personality, style, and human quality.

creepers buckle creepers hebilla creepers custom

Sasha’s model in Weinheimer leather, one of the most prestigious ‘boxcalf’ in the world.

Who are our current clients?

It’s difficult to define them in a single profile. This group is diverse and united by their love for R&R in all its forms.

They value classic shoemaking and enjoy customizing their own shoes to reflect their personality.

It includes musicians, tattoo artists, photographers, and professionals of all kinds, from a fire chief in California to a teacher in Cáceres, who share a passion for music and culture, seeking to revive the freedom and rebellion of the past while maintaining the ability to be surprised… capturing in some way those happy times.

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