Price list

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We are including it here for clarity.

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The prices of a customized model primarily vary based on the chosen model and type of leathers. What we will show below are just a few examples of the many types of leather available to avoid an endless list.

We will try to accommodate you, your dream design, and your needs whenever possible. Feel free to inquire about other leather varieties and materials.


Extra Costs:

The customer will be promptly informed of any additional costs if applicable

The following are considered extra costs:

  • taking measurements and making molds of the foot if you are a new customer, making a last if required, adapting patterns, and other work aimed at adapting the model to the customer’s measurements.
  • special patinas if requested
  • modification of the original model (inquire)
  • shipping costs

I cannot provide a fixed price for this because each case needs to be studied, depending on the type of foot and the operations to be performed. And shipping costs depend on the destination.

But you can rest assured: what I love is making shoes, and I don’t intend to inflate my prices with extra work. The more measurement operations we can save, the more we can allocate from your budget to choose better leathers.

Therefore, you will receive an exact quote for your project with a final price (no small print, undisclosed concepts, or surprises) based on your model selection, type of leather, and any additional work to be done, as well as shipping costs according to the destination.

Guideline Prices for a Pair of Shoes (without additional work):

As a guideline, the following categories with starting prices determined by the type of leather that can be combined upon request are established.

Remember that this is only a small part of a much larger list of available leathers. If you have a specific leather in mind, we most likely have it or can obtain it.


Heritage Line Models, starting from €269.50

Selection of the finest vegetable-tanned and chrome-tanned leathers:

  • Smooth leathers like delightful Spanish boxcalf, numerous colors and finishes (starting from €269.50)
  • Napped leathers like hydrophobic suede and nobuck, premium quality from renowned German tanneries (starting from €285.50)
  • The impressive German calf Weinheimer leather (starting from €310.75)
  • Hand-dyed Italian crust leather (inquire)

All kinds of colors and patinas according to your taste. You can freely combine these leather types with each other or with other categories, with the final price calculated based on consumption and additional work, consult with us. The perfect choice for a classic, elegant, and genuine look.


Exotics Line Models, starting from €329.50 (complete shoe in python) up to €1200 (complete shoe in Florida Alligator)

The Exotics Line features genuine python, rattlesnake, and Florida Alligator leather from the USA. Top quality, CITES certified. A second hidden leather base will provide the optimal thickness and flexibility to the footwear made from these exquisite leathers.

All kinds of colors and patinas according to your taste. You can freely combine these leather types with each other or with other categories, with the final price calculated based on consumption, inquire without obligation.

Wild and daring, elegance redefined from the perspective of R&R.


Cordovan Line Models, starting from €450.50 (according to consumption)

The choice for lovers of Shell Cordovan, a leather traditionally called horsehide. It has a quality, aesthetic characteristics, and a unique personality that become evident when its silky texture, endless nuances, and unparalleled shine resulting from the laborious tanning process and its richness in natural oils come to light. It ages in a very peculiar way with a characteristic wrinkle in the flexing areas that is perfectly recognizable to the expert’s eye. Fine pieces made of cordovan are coveted collectibles for connoisseurs and traditional leather and shoemaking enthusiasts.