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If you’ve made it this far, it’s because you’re genuinely interested, and we’re aligned: you want amazing shoes, and I want to make them for you.

The challenge lies in whether I can do it. Not in technical terms, fortunately, I know how to produce high-quality shoes. My real obstacle is the available time.


From the very beginning, I dreamed that this project would be special. It’s a personal indulgence, driven by my love for the culture and aesthetics of R&R.


MTM shoes are not my main source of income. I could close this chapter of my life without any problems. But I love this. I long for every pair of shoes that comes out of here to be better and more beautiful.


And I can only achieve that by producing very few shoes at a time. Devoting myself entirely to each customer and project. I don’t want to expand; I don’t aim for mass production, and I don’t aspire to be a “big” brand. I want to be the craftsman who brought the ideas of a few people to life. I want my shoes to become valuable pieces for my customers.


Not as much as the 1965 Shelby Cobra, of course. But the concept and the desire have some similarities. Do you want to be a part of this? Let’s talk.


I can’t guarantee the acceptance of your order; it depends on my schedule. But I’ll do my best.


I have a small team of collaborators (3 people). There’s no army of workers producing mass footwear.

and I also have an extensive list of specialized suppliers whose products and services are exclusive and scarce. They have their own lead times and availability, which can obviously influence the progress of an order.


  • You should know that I’m currently accepting a maximum of 15 orders per month. If there are no slots available now, I’ll inform you of the next available opening in the schedule.


  • It’s also possible that your order may not be accepted (extremely saturated schedule, customer’s requirements outside the boundaries of MTM, technical impossibility, and other reasons).


  • Once the order is accepted, the average delivery time is 8 to 12 weeks from the receipt of footprints. While it may seem extensive if you’re not accustomed to tailoring and bespoke shoes, compared to other brands, it’s a fairly reasonable timeframe, considering that some may take a year or more.


  • As a general rule and as a security measure, 20% of the final price is usually taken as a sign of acceptance by the customer. The rest is paid only once the work is completed and approved by the customer.

I’m a new customer

  • I have a clear idea of my design, let’s move forward
  • or I don’t have an idea of what model I want, I need guidance from scratch.
  • My budget is within limits.
  • Inform me of all the details and when we can start with the measurements.”

If this is your case, contact me (indicating “new customer request”)

+34 644929183

“I’m already a customer

  • I have a new design idea
  • or I’m not clear yet, I need guidance.
  • Inform me of all the details and when we can start with the development.”

If this is your case, I’m delighted to see you again, as you know, your footprints and measurements are here. Contact me and let’s talk about your new design; I’ll inform you when we can start.

+34 644929183