Custom-Made Shoes for Self-Made Rock and Rollers.

Model 1974 Pointed, handmade and custom-made for Rèmy L.

INTRO for newcomers:

In 1988, I got my first “creepers,” and I was fascinated. It was a beautiful moment in my youth.


We’ll talk about those first shoes later because if you love R&R shoes and wore them when you were young, you might have felt something very similar.


Music, leather jackets, and those shoes were all we needed to be happy.


Today, we offer a luxury, personalized, handmade, and custom-made version of those youthful shoes for a select group of people. We want to clarify in advance that we can only accept a maximum of 15 orders per month; We will discuss this in the final section.



Meet Stephan, the founder of the iconic T-Bird store in Paris. He conceived and commissioned our exclusive “1974 round” model in Italian leather, with a classic suede vamp but added Comfort soles for an original and fresh touch that maintains the essence of R&R with great comfort and lightness. Thank you, Stephan!

It’s a small group because the workshop’s production capacity is necessarily very limited:


We make them by hand and tailor them to each customer, piece by piece, according to their wishes and requests. There is no possibility of mass production! (fortunately)



We love craftsmanship and exclusivity. We are somewhat like a small club. Keep reading to decide if you’re interested in joining.


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