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Explore some of our clients’ creations materialized by This workshop and their opinions about the work done

you are the designer, your imagination is the limit

Stephan, the founder of the iconic T-Bird store in Paris, was looking for a fresh and light model but with the necessary charisma. He entrusted us to create the ‘1974R’ model, handcrafted and tailored with aged Italian leather and premium suede upper, to which we mounted flexible Comfort Light soles. The result is magnificent: a perfect combination of attitude and comfort, as if you were at home with your favorite sneakers. Stephan created something unique, we materialized it, we were all really happy with the result.

“…Thank you so much too guys! Nice job!”

Stephan S.

creepers custom creepers made to measure 01

Thomas (Germany), model Creepers Custom1974R “Weinheimer leder/ Cavalino italian leather”

(…) the package arrived today and I am very happy with the result. I tried them on and I am very satisfied with the width and how they fit my feet. (…) I’m sure this won’t be the last pair of Made To Measure”

Thomas M.


custom creepers weeding

Pablo M. (Spain), model Creepers Custom1974R “Weinheimer & Python”

(photo credits: @begography)

“I consider MTM R&R Shoes as friends(…) I am very satisfied with the work and the treatment(…) I love them!! (…)  the shoes have been one of the highlights of the wedding

Pablo M.

creepers custom made to measure creepers

Raphael N. (Switzerland), model Creepers Custom1974R “Green Psycho Snake”

“I wanted to thank you again for the incredible job you’ve done.
These shoes exceed my wildest dreams.”


Jean Luc (France), Creepers Custom model 1974P, Noble Black/ Ivory

“I’m very happy to find it, I love your way of working! “
Jean Luc

Axel (Germany), Creepers Custom model 1974R, Noble Vintage Gray/ Premium Green Suede

“Now I want to order a new pair of creepers! “


Thomas (Germany), Creepers Custom model 1974P, Black Weinheimer Boxcalf/ Italian Hair-on

“I am very happy with the shoes, great job!”.

Thomas P.

Santi (Spain), Creepers Custom model 1974R, Noble Black Boxcalf

“… Very comfortable!!”

Santi P.

Jean Michel (Belgium) Creepers Custom model 1974R, Noble Black Boxcalf/ Red, double buckle special.

“Correctly received. They are AMAZING!”


Javier (Spain) Creepers Custom model 1974P, Premium Camel Hydro Suede

“What a wonderful pair of shoes, box, presentation… !!”

Javier L.

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Custom R&R Shoes & Creepers 

 Unique pieces, customised, 100% handmade

2 basic styles


A ‘pointed’ shoe last example, sharp style for creepers, monkstrap and gibsons


A ’round’ last shoe  example, traditional style for creepers and blucher shoes