High-value Toys for Big Kids

High-value toys for big kids that won’t break with use. Goodyear double-stitched, the craftsmanship technique for footwear connoisseurs. An investment, not an expense

Maybe you’re tired of commercial-quality shoes that lose their beauty in no time. And the worst part is that you have to throw them away after a few seasons because they’re not repairable.



We share a vision with our customers: we create unique pieces that evoke the emotion of happy times, like that first pair of Rock and Roll shoes.


But these shoes must last because they are an investment, not an expense. 


Thanks to the Goodyear double stitching, once the soles are worn out, you can put on new ones and hit the road with your shoes again.

Again and again, season after season.


Genuine leather soles? Yes, of course, and many other options to make your creepers as discreet as you like for more formal settings without giving up on rebellion.

Another great advantage is that they become more comfortable the more you wear them. That’s another “miracle” of Goodyear.

And the leather they’re made of offers a double guarantee: we only turn to the most prestigious tanneries that never compromise their reputation and only offer the best. So, you get that double guarantee of beauty, breathability, and durability.

There’s a section below that explains the whole process; we don’t want to bore you with technical details now. 



Plus, my customers can customize every tiny detail of the experience: they choose the model, the finest leathers, colors, lining, sole type…


In summary, people looking for MTM footwear no longer want generic shoes.


Now, they seek unique pieces designed by themselves and crafted by professional artisans in materials of stunning quality and beauty; genuine adult toys. And that’s just fine.


But regardless of the quality, customization… what I believe they’re looking for the most is the “wow!” when they open the box.


I aim to make an impact with beauty and emotion when the customer opens the box. And that’s only possible if the quality is also impressive.


If I fail to achieve this: full refund. In my time on this MTM project, it has never happened.


Achieving that excitement for something special, like a pair of Rock and Roll shoes (or a collectible vinyl or a great tattoo), is my goal. Connecting with the enthusiasm and pleasure of the “15-year-old kid” in everyone I make shoes for.


Every time I achieve that, I say to myself: I LOVE this job! ✨

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The undersigned preparing some cutting patterns for a lining.

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