Explore some of the creations made by our clients materialized by this workshop:

you are the designer, your imagination is the limit.

creepers custom creepers made to measure 01

Thomas (Germany), model Creepers Custom1974R “Weinheimer leder/ Cavalino italian leather”

Raphael N. (Switzerland), model Creepers Custom1974R “Green Psycho Snake”

Jean Luc (France), Creepers Custom model 1974P, Noble Black/ Ivory

Axel (Germany), Creepers Custom model 1974R, Noble Vintage Gray/ Premium Green Suede

Thomas (Germany), Creepers Custom model 1974P, Black Weinheimer Boxcalf/ Italian Hair-on

Santi (Spain), Creepers Custom model 1974R, Noble Black Boxcalf

Jean Michel (Belgium) Creepers Custom model 1974R, Noble Black Boxcalf/ Red, double buckle special.

Javier (Spain) Creepers Custom model 1974P, Premium Camel Hydro Suede

otros trabajos realizados

custom creepers weinheimer leader
creepers custom ted
gibson texas shoes custom
Creepers custom, creepers customizados, custom creepers shoes hi grade
creepers custom personalizado
creepers pointed 12 custom made
creepers pointed 11 custom made
brogue custom creepers
creepers custom rock and roll shoes
creepers pointed 11 custom made

Custom R&R Shoes & Creepers 

 Unique pieces, customised, 100% handmade

2 basic styles


A ‘pointed’ shoe last example, sharp style for creepers, monkstrap and gibsons


A ’round’ last shoe  example, traditional style for creepers and blucher shoes