Custom Fit Footwear without leaving home


Made to Measure, even if you live on a remote island, no need to travel ≡

You’ve probably had many problems when buying commercial clothing and footwear, dealing with size choices, the UK/EU/USA/JAP conversions, a size 44 that seems like a 47 and vice versa, the fear of making the wrong choice, exchanges, returns, and so on…


People who get custom-made clothing and footwear naturally don’t have these problems, or at least greatly minimize them.


Let’s talk about how we can create a custom piece of work without the client’s physical presence, even if you live in France or the USA. You won’t have to travel; we’ll send molds that will allow us to obtain your footprints and work with them.


Starting with molds that the client marks with their footprints and some simple questions and remote measurements, we can adapt lasts and patterns to each client through additions, 3D printing, and scaling.


It’s a laborious and costly process, but it’s worth it. That’s where the workshop’s name comes from, the initials MTM for “made to measure.”



Made to Your Liking: from rock-and-roll-style creepers for grooms to classic brogues matching a suit, the customer decides all design aspects

And you may have also acquired excellent brown shoes because you like the model, but there isn’t the color you wanted… and you settle for it.


I wish they came in navy blue, I wish they were black… it would be great if they matched this or that jacket… maybe a leather sole… but they only come in brown and with a rubber sole. And you accept it… or leave them.


It’s not a drama, for sure. But people who order customized clothing and footwear enjoy their exact model just the way they want it.


Here, any type of leather, color combinations, sole type, or model is possible.

There are many reasons to personalize your footwear, from exclusivity or personal whim to specific needs like unique shoes for your wedding.


Our discerning connoisseurs know that we have the finest boxcalf leather in solid and classic colors, hand-dyed patinas on Italian crust leather, hydrophobic suede, python leather, alligator leather… any high-quality leather from the countless options we have available is there to bring your ideas to life.

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