Yes, only 10 pieces/month are accepted. DL Atelier is a solo project born within Lafont Ltd. (a company dedicated to design and manufacturing in various fields). DL Atelier is therefore a small personal “whim”, not our main source of income.
DL is based on a dying culture of R&R and puts quality and time spent with each client and their unique piece before quantity of sales and stress.

High-end custom shoes for R&R and other styles.

All models are MTM (“made to measure”) we do only produce special order, we don’t have any kind of standard shoe in stock.

DL Taller manufactures unique pieces, 100% handmade, in noble leathers, following the wishes of the client in terms of model, type of leathers and colors.

The mounting technique is always Goodyear Welt.

The prices of a customized model primarily vary depending on the chosen model and type of leather. What we will show below are just some examples of the many types of available leather to avoid an endless list. We will strive to adapt to you, your dream design, and your needs whenever possible. Please feel free to inquire about other varieties of leather and materials without any obligation.

Additional Costs:

The client will be promptly and pre-informed of any additional costs if applicable.

Additional costs include:

  • Taking measurements and making foot molds if you are a new client, making lasts if required, adapting patterns, and other work aimed at customizing the model to fit the client’s measurements. We will guide you on your specific needs and always strive to make this part as cost-effective as possible.
  • Special patinas if requested
  • Modification of the original model (please inquire)
  • Shipping costs

Therefore, you will receive an exact quote for your project with a final price (no fine print, undisclosed concepts, or surprises) based on your selection of the model, type of leather, extra work to be done, and shipping costs according to the destination.


Indicative Prices for a Pair of Shoes (without additional work):

As a reference, the following categories with starting prices determined by the type of leather that can be combined upon request. Remember that this is just a part of a much broader list of available leathers, feel free to inquire.

Linaje Range Models, starting from €269.50

Select from the finest vegetable-tanned and chrome-tanned leathers:

  • Smooth leathers like the delightful Spanish boxcalf, numerous colors, and finishes (starting from €269.50)
  • Napped leathers like hydrophobic suede and nubuck, premium quality from renowned German tanneries (starting from €285.50)
  • The impressive German calf from Weinheimer (starting from €310.75)
  • Hand-dyed Italian crust (please inquire)

All kinds of colors and patinas to your liking. You can freely combine these types of leather with each other or with other ranges, and the final price will be calculated based on consumption and additional work, feel free to inquire. The perfect choice for a classic, elegant, and genuine look.


Exoticis Range Models, starting from €329.50 (full python shoe) up to €1200 (full Florida Alligator shoe)

The Exoticis range includes genuine python, rattlesnake, and Florida Alligator leather from the USA. Top quality, CITES-certified. A second hidden leather base will provide the optimal thickness and flexibility to footwear made with these exquisite leathers.

All kinds of colors and patinas to your liking. You can freely combine these types of leather with each other or with other ranges, and the final price will be calculated based on consumption, feel free to inquire.

Wild and daring, elegance understood from the parameters of R&R.


Cordovan Range Models, starting from €450.50 (depending on consumption)

The choice for lovers of Shell Cordovan, a leather traditionally called “horsehide.” It has a unique quality, aesthetic characteristics, and personality that become evident when its silky texture, infinite nuances, and unparalleled shine, a result of the laborious tanning process and its richness in natural oils, are exposed. It ages in a very distinctive way with a characteristic wrinkle in the flexing areas that is perfectly identifiable to the expert’s eye. Well-made pieces in cordovan are coveted collector’s items for connoisseurs and enthusiasts of traditional leatherworking and shoemaking.


If you are a regular customer: write directly to us @ to discuss your new model, we will be happy to see you again.

If you are not a regular customer but you come to us referred by an old client (or member of the DL club): contact us directly attaching the password provided by your friend. We will assign you a place on the production list and give you a small discount (the referrer will also get a bonus).

If you have never been a client and you do not have a referral: contact us at @. to send a request indicating a name, a means of contact (mail and/or whatsapp) and a rough idea of the desired model. We will try to contact you as soon as possible.

  • The old customers who are already part of this family (customers with a long history of orders and belonging to the DL club) will make the payment once the work is finished.

  • New customers will be required to make a 20% deposit as an initial payment. The rest of the payment is due upon completion of the job.

Accepted forms of payment are: bank transfer (euros) and Wise (dollars, pounds and other currencies).

Interview with the client to confirm model and details> acceptance of the final budget> 20% payment (if requiered)> sketch presentation> taking measurements> start of work.

Please note that the production of tailor-made suits and shoes or custom-made collector’s pieces is usually a long process, but with very satisfactory results.

  • In total, once your order has been accepted and the measurements have been taken/ the foot mould has been made:  8 to 12 weeks approximately from the effective start of work (excluding shipping and return time for foot measurement moulds, and shipping of shoes).

In each project I need to carry out more than 400 operations, fully hand-made, from the mould through the final waxing to the exclusive wooden box. And to use more than 20 suppliers of rare and exclusive raw materials (each of them with their own waiting times). Please do not consider me as an option to make your shoes if you feel that these timescales are excessive for your needs. There is nothing I can do to change this. 


Definelty It’s not possible. These shoes are an exclusive handicraft item that involves more than 200 manual operations, there is no possibility of speeding up the process. On the other hand, the order of arrival and previous clients with orders already underway must always be respected. Therefore, any offer to try to prioritize work will be declined.

Yes, of course, DL has a wide catalog of patterns and lasts of classic men’s models such as wolecuts, oxfords, chelsea, brogues, etc. Please contact us without obligation.

means of contact:


Regular customers/ DL members and referrals:


 WhatsApp-> +34644929183



General questions and new customer application


 WhatsApp-> +34644929183