But… what about the price?


There’s a lot to tell about making handmade and bespoke shoes. It’s a very complex matter. 

“Yes, alright… everything is fine,” you might say if you’ve just arrived, “but… what about the price?” We’ll also talk about that later. And not just about the price, but about the value, which is more important to my clients.


First, we will discuss the value you’ll receive by creating your shoes compared to commercial/ off-the-shelf ones. Then, we’ll address the topic of pricing.

It’s important to note that my products cannot be considered cheap or inexpensive. However, it’s essential to understand that my customers are not seeking budget deals.

As an interesting anecdote, a high-profile executive, accustomed to much higher standards, once recommended raising my prices. This was because they found far more value than expected in both the experience and the final product. I greatly appreciate their feedback and assessment.

Those who choose my services do so because they comprehend and appreciate my work. They seek personalization, exclusivity, durability, and tradition. My service is a perfect fit for them, and simultaneously, I find that my customers are ideal for me. Everyone is content in this relationship.

What Will We Show Next?

How our work turns into a pleasure that clients appreciate. The customer is the designer of their “high-value toys for big kids.” We offer bespoke footwear no matter the distance. We tackle the topics of prices and value. We explain how to get in touch, place an order, and why our production is so limited, sometimes even having to reject orders.

creepers-teddy-boy-style- edwardian teds suit and creepers

Bespoke suit and creepers, a classic combination in the Teddy Boy culture. In the image, a Custom round model in Italian leather with a burgundy patina.

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