A Little Love Story

A Small Love Story. The First Pair of Creepers in a Boy’s Life ♥

As we mentioned at the beginning, if you wore these shoes when you were young and still love them as much as we do, then you surely remember your first pair of creepers.


In my case, it was my father, as generous as he was, who bought them for me when I was just 14 years old. Other customers have told me that they got them through savings, as an inheritance from a sibling, from catalog purchases, during a trip to London, at a second-hand market, and so on.


A story as personal and unique as every person who shares it with us.


Those first creepers… oh yes, my friends, they were much more than just shoes. I remember their striking appearance, shiny black leather with a leopard-print vamp and their thick sole.


I don’t remember the brand, maybe they weren’t the most expensive, nor the prettiest… but to me, they looked spectacular. I couldn’t sleep well that night; I put them by the side of my bed and gazed at them in amazement.


I’d be lying if I said that that night I decided to become a craftsman and dedicate myself to shoemaking; it would be very poetic, but obviously, that wasn’t the case. That came much later. Honestly, I don’t remember if back then I cared about anything beyond going out, not getting caught up in youthful craziness, and playing the drums in my band.

But if they had told me at that moment that I would devote myself to making custom handcrafted shoes for Rock & Roll, I would have signed without thinking. Even if the contract signer had horns, a trident, and smelled of sulfur.


What I did sign that night was an everlasting friendship pact with that model.

And with anything else that smelled like Rock & Roll that came your way.


I get emotional remembering the days of ordering reissues from Sun Records catalogs, or alternatively, the more affordable editions from Charlie Records… pirate tapes, VHS, and other goods that were passed from hand to hand. Happy times.